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The Draft Dodger Doctor is an innovative answer to the dreaded winter draft, which creeps under entry and/or patio doors. These door insulators are decorative, light-weight and fit standard entry and patio, sliding glass doors. Choose a fabric pattern to match your personal decorating style! Toss out the rolled up towel and replace with a Draft Dodger Doctor! Made on a per order basis, they are approximately 40 inches in length(36 inches of filler with a two inch fabric overlap at each end) and 13 inches around. The large area is filled with Styrofoam particles and the small area is filled with 99% dust-free kitty litter, to keep it anchored. Affordable at only $18.95 each, plus $5.99 shipping for one, within the USA.  Inquire about combined shipping for more than one Draft Dodger Doctor

ABOUT Really-Neat-Things:
This website, based in western New York, has been in existence for 11 years and is Paypal verified. I am also an eBay seller(user name really-neat-things) with a 1500+ feedback rating.
Postage for one Draft Dodger Doctor, within the USA, is $5.99.  If you are buying two or more, contact me for a combined postage quote.

Payment Options:
To simplify to payment process, send an email with the item number/numbers(ie:DD210).  I will reply with the total amount.  (I accept PayPal)
I can invoice you through PayPal, if you'd like.  (DO NOT email your credit card information to me!)
If you prefer not to use an on-line payment service, I will accept a Postal money order.

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